Resources for further badminton information

Competitions and future events

  • For future competitions and events in England, have a look at the calendar on the Badminton England website. This will keep you up to date with events of all levels – from under 15 competitions to inter county and national championships. For each forthcoming event, the website gives full contact details you can use to get more information.
  • For this season’s events in Ireland, have a look at this schedule from the Badminton Ireland website. This is a comprehensive document including dates and venues of this season’s competitions.
  • Events in Scotland can be found here. The website has a useful search function, so you can search for events in any particular month. This will keep you up to date with a wide variety of events, from under-ten tournaments to badminton roadshows.
  • Welsh badminton competitions and events can be found on this spreadsheet calendar from the Welsh Badminton website. Again, this is a one-stop guide to the season’s Welsh badminton events.

Player information

  • This website also allows you to find out more about ranking players. Have a look here for a long list of profiles of top English players.
  • For information on the best Scots, have a look at the profiles on the Badminton Scotland website here. These detailed profiles list the players’ achievements.
  • Welsh players profiles, teams and ranking information can be found here. This website provides details of top young players, the ‘player of the year’ and players who have represented their country, amongst a host of other information.
  • The Badminton Ireland website is the best place to find out about events and badminton news, although player profiles are not currently provided. Since this is the governing body for badminton throughout Ireland, if you are looking for information on a specific player, this is a good place to start your search – try contacting them on +353 1 839 3028 or email

Past and present results

  • For recent results in English badminton, have a look at the rankings section of the Badminton England website.
  • Results of tournaments and competitions in Ireland can be found here. You can also find entry forms for future events.
  • Detailed Scottish results can be found here, dating back to the 2004 season. You can also find entry forms to future events.
  • The Welsh Badminton Union website has a search function which allows you to look at the most recent results. To find details of different competitions, you can search using the top right hand corner search bar.